01. Products

Our investment products cross borders and demographics


Invest in market neutral derivative strategies & momentum stocks to generate periodic income.

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Invest in a concentrated portfolio of stocks for the long term. Portfolios are customized to your risk appetite and rebalanced periodically.

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Mutual Funds

We construct tailor-made mutual fund portfolios for you using the Efficient Frontier Theory. Earn higher returns for the same amount of risk.

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Global Equities

Invest in American ambition, German precision, and Chinese innovation.

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Assets Pay Cash

Earn upto 12% more annually on top of your existing mutual fund returns with a low risk derivative strategy.

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Private Assets

Buy a stake in startups and rapid growth companies before they go public.

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02. Investment Approach

Man & Machine

Everything starts with data. We collect data points and information from a multitude of sources and use them to find patterns invisible to the untrained eye. Our team of experienced fund managers and strategists use these insights to build an array of investment strategies. Our algorithms then take over and execute these strategies in a systematic manner so that you don't have to.

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Man & Machine
03. Features

You have complete ownership and control
of your money

Capital Control

Your capital is held in a trading and demat account with a third party broking partner, the control to which you have.

Risk Management

We actively manage your downside risk during volatile market conditions using quantitative techniques.


Your investments with Minance do not have a lock-in. You can choose to redeem your funds anytime.

Dedicated Investment Manager

You are assigned a dedicated investment manager who serves as your financial advisor for your investments both within and outside Minance.

04. Pricing


Minance charges a performance fee only when we make your money work for you. That's it. There's no other fee.

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05. Taxation

From trading to taxes, we’ve got you covered with Tax Safe

Multiple investment avenues can make taxation tedious and frustrating. With Tax Safe, Minance simplifies your tax filing process by keeping all your important documents in one safe and secure online vault, accessible from your dashboard. When it's time to file your taxes, our team of veteran chartered accountants take over while you can sit back and relax.

06. Transparency

Track your investments in real time

Review your portfolio at any time using your phone, your web dashboard or even with an Amazon Alexa. You'll also get regular updates and insights about companies and strategies you're invested in.

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