Art is an asset class

01. Why invest in Art?

Why invest in Art?

Art can be 5% to 7% of your investment portfolio says Deloitte.

Higher Returns

Higher Risk





Real Estates



Art is not correlated to equities, bonds, or other traditional asset classes although principles of investing remain the same.

Store of value🔒

Unlike other asset classes, art appreciates over time. It acts as a hedge against inflation and preserves capital through generations.

Build a legacy👪

Art collections can be handed down for generations, each time appreciating in value both as an investment and a priceless gift.

Art 100 index v/s NIFTY index

02. Catalog raisonne

Invest in what you appreciate, so that your portfolio appreciates too. Take a look at our collection.

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Check out our art collection

Pick the artwork you love or take our team's help to chose what's trending and we'll help you invest in it.

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03. Our curator

Meet your art consultant

Harish Sejekan

Harish plunged into Art at a tender age of two, and by three, he had won his first State level award. His mother always pushed him to do well in the field of Art.

Padma Vibhushan M F Husain tutored Harish for three years at Husain Sankalana in Koramangala, Bangalore. He had won over 250 awards till the late 1990s. He pursued a Master's program in visual arts in Baroda followed, which he took up curating and has curated over 70 shows.

Harish believes that for any gallery or artist to grow in the right direction, a curator plays an important role. "I am no different here; the vast experience I have gained over the years and the rapport I have built with artists have given my eye the ability to spot the right ones making the task of collectors a tad easier."

Harish believes Art has the ability as an investment to grow big. It needs patience, and the collector has to invest time on the artist. He trusts Art is an exciting investment and one which not only yield in the long run, but one can flaunt their investment too.

Insuring and borrowing against your art

We understand art. Empowered by data and the experience of our specialists, we manage your art assets. We lower barriers to entry into the art market and help you build a collection over the course of your life. Once invested, we help you insure and protect your art and also help you borrow against it when needed.

Art deserves admiration, not worries

Your art portfolio will last generations, probably the longest-held assets in your family's portfolio so sometimes, it is important to insure them. Minance's specialists help you purchase the most economical covers from our insurance partners. There's no paperwork nor any hidden costs. It's also not binding, insure only if you want to.

Cash in on your Picasso, borrow against your art

Fine art is a powerful capital financial asset that may be considered as part of your overall wealth management strategy such as using your collection as collateral to gain liquidity for other financial opportunities. By borrowing against your artwork, you may create liquidity to take advantage of a broad range of financial opportunities such as acquiring additional artwork, financing business goals, attending to a personal emergency, or simply taking advantage of other opportunities.

Minance Partners have access to a qualified team of credit executives across financial institutions who can help you borrow against your art collection while you maintain possession.

Traditional art financing


Minance credit line

04. General Enquiries

Art assets are a different breed of investments, here's what you need to know

How does Minance choose which paintings to purchase?

Minance typically acquires artwork from the major auction houses and established galleries, with acquisitions focused on artwork representative of a top 100 artist’s mature style, that it is able to acquire at an attractive cost relative to value based on estimated historical appreciation rates, and an established track record of multiple multi-million dollar sales annually.
Subject to curation and acceptance by the committee.

What are the risks of investing in these paintings?

Art is a passion driven investment. They are not a widely accepted tool of investment. People who really like a particular artwork, should only then invest in it.

How are my profits taxed?

Short-term gains are taxed at the taxpayer's top marginal tax rate or regular income tax bracket, which can range upto 10%. Long-term gains are taxed at 20%. See tax note for more info.

Can I invest if I reside outside India?

Yes, we offer this service worldwide, and we also ship worldwide.

Can I borrow against art?

Yes, get in touch with your advisor for more info on this. We have ties with HDFC, ICICI and Apollo Finvest.

How can I get my paintings framed?

Reach out to your Art Consultant – he will introduce you to our partner in your city.

Can this art be insured?

Yes, Your art consultant will help you with these formalities at the time of purchase.

How is the artwork valued?

Similarly to how professional auction houses and some galleries operate, we obtain third-party valuation from experts in the particular artwork (taking into account the artist, their time period, medium, etc.). This valuation is cross-checked with our internal estimates.

How long does this investment take to appreciate?

Art typically takes 4-5 years to appreciate.

How do you ensure that the artwork is authentic?

As part of our due diligence procedures, we arrange for provenance checks to be conducted by reputable and trusted third-parties. This includes not only art loss registry checks and physical inspection, but also validating storage, insurance policies, certificates of authenticity and background checks on the chain of owners. Any documentation, either obtained or produced as part of our due diligence process, is stored securely and protected by cryptography to ensure that they are impossible to falsify once the artwork is listed on the platform.

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