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Make between 0.8% and 1.3% every month on top of your mutual funds returns.

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01. See it in action

APC helps boost your mutual fund returns

12% higher returns per annum equals 53% over four years. You can add the extra returns to your monthly income or let compounding do the magic. Shown here what you can expect with an initial investment of 15 lakhs.

₹44.74L with APC
₹29.11L with only MF
02. How it works

Sophisticated investors do this all the time. Now it's your turn.

You don't always have to invest cash for derivative trading, most HNIs don't. We collateralize your mutual funds with the stock exchange. For every asset that you put up, you receive margin after a 'haircut'. For example, if you collateralize funds worth ₹10 lakhs, the exchange might give you a margin of ₹8 lakhs for derivative trading, the difference of two lakhs is kept by the exchange to protect itself from market downsides. This is referred to as the haircut.

We use the margin gained from your mutual funds to execute very conservative derivative strategies. These strategies consistently generate between 0.8 to 1.3% every month.

Regular Income

Earn a monthly income, choose to redeem it for your expenses or reinvest it to benefit from compounding

Low risk

APC aims to mitigate risk first and then generate returns.

No additional investment

You leverage your existing equity or debt funds invested with Minance. No additional monies need to be invested.

03. Risk Management

A few things to keep in mind

Assets Pay Cash gives you a lot of flexibility, but there are some risks you should consider.

Margin expansion

During periods of extreme volatility in the stock markets, margin requirements for derivatives may increase. This may require us to close some of your open positions leading to losses.

Liquidation risk

In case of a loss from derivative positions, your underlying mutual funds may be liquidated unless replaced with additional capital.

Capital Risk

In periods of correcting markets, your mutual funds may drop in value. This will lead to your income from Assets Pay Cash reducing proportionally.

We work to reduce and remove your risks

We help you select funds that hold bluechip stocks and have high quality debt. We have designed Assets Pay Cash to have a strong risk management system in place. Our philosophy is: protect capital fiercely, then earn returns.

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