Our Culture

"No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it." – H.E. Luccock

Our founder Anurag Bhatia charting out the initial plan for Minance in 2014, back when he was still working for Amazon India.
It is always Day One
We have humble beginnings. There were no seed rounds or accelerators, just an idea and a bunch of people willing to make it work. We believe in solving problems with creativity than money. Why? Because there was a time when we didn't have the money and being innovative was the only way to succeed. We want to preserve that mindset; the drive and the hunger to succeed. At Minance, it is always day one.
A Bias for Action
We are a young, restless firm and we like our people to be the same way. Our CEO, Anurag Bhatia tells people to get things moving, even if they don't have the perfect plan in place. We got into the wealth management industry to shake things up and that is not going to happen if we just sit around. Great things happen when people have a bias for action.
Intern Priyak Basu (seen here with Digital Assets Manager Narendran Sivakumar) singlehandedly improved our lead management process, reducing the response time by 30%.
A stickler for perfection, COO Adhiraj is obsessive about ensuring a perfect partner experience. He once rejected an entire consignment of brochures because the colors were two shades off.
Impressions Matter
We care about how we world perceives us and this is reflected in everything we do. From the first email you receive as a partner, the attention to detail on our website, to the crisp suits worn by our investment managers. This isn't to say we never fumble, we do. It is to reflect that we will always put our best foot forward because first impressions matter.
We are not Boring
Working at Minance is not for everyone. We like people with quirks, obsessions, mad ideas, and great hobbies. For instance, one of our lead developers is known to disappear for hours on end before turning up with a ‘crazy but it works' solution for a problem we have. Our COO, Adhiraj Singh plays saxaphone, and we all party, hard. If you want to sum up the Minance experience, its that we are not boring.
In our 40 plus team, we have artists, chefs, pro bikers, marathon runners, musicians, gamers, and even a poet. We'll let you figure out who is who.
This year our focus is on enabling access to the internet among underprivileged children. Seen are some of our staff at an all-girl orphanage where installed internet-enabled computers.
Giving Back
Are we in a cut-throat business? Maybe, but that's all the more reason to care about the impact we have. We started putting aside money for causes within a year of starting out and are proud to have a unique social responsibility program. Employees pitch causes that are close to their hearts and we all vote to choose the most deserving programs. This has helped us focus our resources and make sure our people are invested in giving back.
Challenging Norms
Our industry has a reputation for being old-fashioned and not without reason. There are those who belive that things are supposed to be done in a certain way and people have their place. This is not what we believe in. We don't do diversity for diversity's sake, instead, we aim for our company to be inclusive, fair, and open to all. Real change comes from challenging norms.
For Women's day, our art director Thapthi Priyanka reimagined the women of Minance as superheroes. Check out the full image here.