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01. Benefits

Diversify your portfolio beyond India

India might be the world’s fastest growing economy but there are more opportunities out there. Invest in disruptive, high growth companies and mega-corporations regardless of geography.

Economic insulation

By investing in international equities, you compartmentalize risks and protect your portfolio from local events

24x5 tracking

Money never sleeps. Your money works for you throughout the day, starting from Japan in the morning, London in the afternoon and the USA at night. Our team tracks your investments during all market hours so that you don't have to.

NRI Advantage

If you're an NRI or a PIO, you can invest in global equities without repatriating your funds back to India

02. Process

Becoming a global investor is not expensive, you can begin your journey with just $5000

Through our broking partner Interactive Brokers, we provide you a platform to invest globally. A common concern with international investments is currency risk, but our team of experienced risk managers have chalked out strategies around currency swaps and options to hedge against any sort of volatility in the forex market.

Global investments face currency risk. We can mitigate them

For an optional 2% of your investment, we cover you using swaps and currency derivatives. Think of it like insurance.

03. Investment Approach

American ambition, German precision and Chinese innovation.

Your international portfolio is designed to hold equities, global depository receipts, ETFs and feeder funds.

  • Emerging market ETFs

    Invest in booming economies around the world including Thailand, Brazil, China, Vietnam and that's just the beginning.

  • Macro themes

    Invest in long term macroeconomic themes such as the construction boom in South East Asia, the growth of Chinese enterprise software companies, European renewable energy, and US manufacturing.

  • Fortune 500s

    Invest in the largest companies in the world to bring stability to your portfolio; the Googles and Berkshire Hathaways.

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