It's a file manager for your taxes

Store your financial paperwork on our dashboard while our team of Chartered Accountants take care of the grunt-work

01. Features

Minimal Effort. Minimum Taxes.

An often overlooked part of investing is taxation, and the hassle of filing returns. Tax Safe makes that process easier for you and your family by storing all your financial documents in a secure online vault accessible from your Minance dashboard.

Our experts then take over and will plan the most optimal way to reduce your tax obligations. Come tax season, we will prepare the statements and file the returns, all with minimal effort from your end. Just like it should be.

Secure Storage

All your documents are stored in a secured cloud server, the access restricted to our accountants and you.

Tax Planning

Our experts are available throughout the year to help you plan your taxes and answer your questions.

Tax Filing

For a nominal fee, our accountants will take care of the entire tax filing process, including a tax audit if required.

02. The Dashboard

All Your Paperwork, One Dashboard

Accessible directly from your Minance dashboard, Tax Safe allows you to update the filing information for you and your family. You can also upload documents, create folders, leave notes for our tax team and organize your paperwork.

03. Hindu Undivided Family

Understanding HUFs

Minance will help you open and organise a Hindu Undivided Family. This helps you save upto ₹2,60,000/- in taxes.

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